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Instapetal is the only Instagram outreach solution for brands and businesses with hard-to-find niche audiences. Learn more below on what makes us the best!

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Our 3 step process.


Meet your team!

We want to know everything about you. Who are you? Where are you? What do you do? What is your goal for your account?

Upon signing up, you will set up a phone call appointment with your account manager to discuss these questions. This onboarding phone call helps  understand the nuances of your business and how we can best cater to its needs. It also gives us the chance to formally introduce ourselves to you, as we will be working closely alongside each other to grow your brand!

Easy set-up • 14 days money back guarantee

Money Talks.

Our goals are to grow your brand organically, be as transparent as possible, and deliver the best customer service - simple as that! Our long term commitment to these goals has allowed Instapetal to develop the most accurate targeting algorithm and the highest customer satisfaction rate in the business.

Don't let the increasing competition on Instagram be the reason why you miss out on sales and views!

Once we find your target audience, we send your profile in their direction by digitally marking them. We interact with hundreds of your potential followers on your behalf every single day so you can relax and focus on the important things - like creating good content or running your business.


Unfortunately, Instagram is filled with millions of fake accounts that dilute the brand's integrity and the quality of your account's engagement. To combat those fake accounts, Instapetal follows a strict multi-step protocol to filter out which accounts are likely to engage with you and which accounts will hurt your brand. Learn more about our strict filtering process here.

Real solutions for real businesses.

Driven by data.

Our research on your brand and its audience is driven by data, which means that our results only getter better with time.

Smart targeting.

Smart targeting algorithms make it easy for us to target your audience hidden in even the smallest corners of Instagram.

Your personal team.

We're not a plug-and-play platform. Every brand and business is unique, so consider us your personal Instagram marketing team.

Instapetal can help your brand if you are a...


Restaurant • Clinic • E-commerce


Photographer • Agent • Event Planner


Stylist • Blogger • Personality

What you'll get with us.

Other than 119x your current reach, on average (for Premium plan).

14 Day Guarantee.

We back our word with a money back guarantee so you can be sure Instapetal is the right fit for you.

Personal account manager.

We’ll match you with an account manager who handles all your needs to make your experience a pleasant one.

Customized strategies.

We know that one size does not fit all. We tailor fit a strategy that suits you and your brand’s needs.

Security and privacy.

Your account is handled only by your dedicated account manager, protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Premium is standard.

Premium features such as filters for fake accounts  as well as many other growth tools are standard with us.

Targeted growth.

We use features like location targeting to help us identify your target followers hidden in even the smallest corners.

Around the clock.

Our dedicated servers run our strategies on your account 24/7 so you grow whether you're working or sleeping.

Update changes anytime.

Experiment with different targets and preferences at anytime to find your perfect audience.




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Easy set-up • 14 days money back guarantee