Who we are.

Instagram outreach is getting harder and taking up more time as the competition continues to grow. Instapetal can help you refocus your attention on the important things by growing your account for you - 24/7. Our team has decades of experience in social media marketing for some of Fortune 500's biggest names like Instagram and Target. Combined with our customized hands-on approach and our smart targeting algorithms, Instapetal will grow your brand better and faster than you thought was possible. Don’t let the increasing competition on Instagram be the reason why you miss out on more sales and views!


We believe that one size doesn't fit all. Whether you’re a small business, influencer, artist, or something else, we know that what works for others won’t always work for you. Combined with the brightest minds and the best tools, we are dedicated in fine tuning our skills to fit your unique needs.


Our superteam has experience from all over the world. Having come from Fortune 500 companies, start ups, and advertising agencies, our combined experience is decades worth of social media marketing. Consider us your personal marketing team.

What makes Instapetal unique?
Optimized for brands and businesses.

With over 1 billion active users on Instagram (as of 2019), finding your niche audience has never been more expensive, difficult, and time consuming for businesses.

Instapetal is an affordable Instagram marketing solution for small businesses that offers premium growth features and attentive customer service as standard.

We work in teams.

A team consists of an account manager and two associates to monitor growth and research targets. Having a direct line of communication with your account manager means that you will have on-ready support and consultation Mon-Sun.


We are the only platform that listens to you, doesn't put you on a generic growth model, and gets better with time - everything that your business needs!

All our tools are built in-house.

Nobody had built the solutions to the kinds of questions we asked so our developers built them from scratch! After years of trial and error and hundreds of machine learning models later, Instapetal is proud to offer the most accurate targeting algorithms as standard to its clients. We know that your business is unique and we will never subject it to a "one size fits all" model. Meaning as we gather more and more data, we are the only platform that gets better with time!

Client first, always.

We are kind of like the "Chick-fil-a" of Instagram marketing! Our account managers are always are always ready to answer your questions and concerns. Some questions that we have been asked in the past are, "What do you think of our restaurant's new logo?" or, "Can you give me some relationships advice?" We mean it when we say that we'll help your however we can!

Importance of security.

Instapetal, to this, day, has never had a client's account banned from Instagram. Before we can ask our clients to give us access to their accounts, we have to make sure that our platform can be trusted. We do that by having a stricter security protocol than some banks! Your account and payment details are AES-256 bit encrypted. Its decryption keys are stored in a separate machine, and they are accessible by only your personal account manager. Our clients' safety and trust are priorities at Instapetal. We promise to always treat your account as if it's our own.

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